Turning FORTY was quite the milestone for me. I thought about it all year long, not only because I’ve always been told I look young and couldn’t wait to say “I’m actually 40!”, but because I knew it was a marker of life.


I remember 40 seeming so old, so already done, but now I realize it is in so many ways the best time to get started. What a peace of mind that comes; a badge of honor earned.

I decided to write a list of my lessons that lead to forty….


  1. It’s ok to be perfectly imperfect
  2. We always have a choice
  3. Forgiving frees the soul
  4. Pizza is ALWAYS better with a diet coke
  5. We can choose JOY
  6. There is such a thing as retail therapy
  7. Sometimes the hardest thing, is also the right thing
  8. We can be BRAVE
  9. Gluten-free will never taste like the real thing
  10. It’s ok to get lost in the Hallmark Channel
  11. We can be TRUE
  12. Commit to growth in every relationship
  13. People really do the best they can with what they have
  14. Our children are our greatest legacy
  15. Our diagnosis is NEVER our destiny
  16. High expectations are ok, people will rise to them
  17. We can be BOLD
  18. Not everyone will always understand
  19. Our main responsibility is to train the hearts of our children
  20. Be GRATEFUL..for all of it
  21. You’ll never regret taking the high road
  22. We are never too old for Pink Bubblegum Ice cream
  23. We can be FEARLESS
  24. Glitter makes everything better
  25. God qualifies the called
  26. Everyone wants to feel important
  27. Suicide isn’t selfish
  28. NO really can be a complete sentence
  29. A smile makes everyone more beautiful in an instant
  30. Self-love is always #1
  31. If they gossip to you, they’ll gossip about you
  32. Preserve the relationship over the business
  33. Income follows personal growth
  34. A beautiful sunset reminds us of the reality of Heaven
  35. Not every friendship will last a lifetime, but every one will teach a lesson
  36. Sometimes a $5 coffee is worth it
  37. Work ethic cannot be bought
  38. Every choice has a consequence, good or bad
  39. You can’t reach GREAT if you settle for GOOD(enough)
  40. Gummy bears can fix anything… (or anything gummy)
  41. PRAY often, about everything