As the founder of theBFFlife®, best-selling author, advocate, and certified coach, I’m obsessed with equipping women to live brave, fearless and free.

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Those who know me aren’t surprised when I get straight to the good stuff, so let’s do a quick flashback to 2001. That’s when I became an entrepreneur. (…and very unexpectedly.)

If you ask me why I’ll be completely candid. It’s not a fancy answer. 

…Because I HAD to. Because sometimes life throws you a curveball and it wasn’t at all part of the plan. You find yourself on the floor, usually in the midst of pain or transition having no idea of your next move, much less how to survive.

Insert ME. 

Up until then I had read all the books and attended the seminars. Wore the right clothes. Said the right things, followed the rules … and life still happened.  (lots more on that later…)

And after some time, I learned to do far more than survive, I learned to THRIVE! To excel. To create 7-figure empires. And since then I’ve coached thousands of women do the same.

the BFF life

theBFFlife® is a movement created to empower women to live their lives BRAVE, FEARLESS, and FREE.

Equipping women with the power to embrace and own their personal life journeys with courage, faith and freedom.

You may remember me


“I want to be around for all she does. Nicole’s the real deal. A true leader. She’s been knocked down and she gets right up, and even better, she gets up so good. As a coach she’s beautiful and authentic. As a speaker she transforms the room with clarity and fearlessness.”

– Lisa Nichols
Seen in The Secret

“Nicole is simply amazing.  She’s easily one of the most powerful and effective leaders in the industry. 

On stage, Nicole is a dynamic speaker who captivates her crowds like very few people can.  As a coach, she has a unique way of guiding people to breakthrough results quicker than most.  Her authentic, no-nonsense approach to life DELIVERS every single time.”

– Sean Smith, Founder, Elite Success Systems

Work With Me

Let’s Work Together, Fearlessly

For almost two decades I’ve worked with women, moms, and ladypreneurs to thrive in transition, increase their income, get unstuck, and lose the busy overwhelm to a life of TOTAL freedom!

The BFF Series:

brave, fearless and free

Book One: Raising Ali

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