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Private Mentoring

I am passionate about supporting women towards a life brave, fearless and free. To get unstuck, move through transition, feeling lost and looking for meaning and purpose. This is for you if you are ready to commit to creating change in your life and you are willing to do the inner work required. If you need some clarity or direction, to break through self-sabotage or identify the limiting beliefs, blocks and habits which are holding you back. This is for you.

Online Training

Your BFF is a 6-module coaching program that will take you on an exciting journey. I will teach you how to make small but sustainable changes to your life in order to make a smooth transition. I will teach you how to identify your strengths and use them to conquer your fears. Put simply, I will teach you how to be your own self and live the life of your dreams. Considering going back to work? Finding a business for you? “Your BFF” can guide you in your journey.

VIP Business Intensive

During our VIP Day together, we’ll take an in-depth look at the current state of your business and map out a detailed strategy and plan for creating the success you want moving forward. We’ll pinpoint where your strengths are and where you need to shift your thinking or your ‘doing’ to get the very best results in your business and your life. You’ll leave our powerful day together with a clear sense of purpose and clarity around your message and your market, and a physical roadmap of your next steps.

I believe every woman deserves to create a legacy, to live life fully and completely, and to passionately love what they do. I am committed to empowering women to live a true purposeful life through online training, powerful mentoring, and business consulting.

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