The BFF Series:

brave, fearless and free

Book One: Raising Ali

Available now

The BFF Series:

brave, fearless and free

Book One: Raising Ali

The idea of ‘The BFF Life’ was born from a deep desire to empower women and moms everywhere to live a life of courage, faith, and freedom.

So often we hear or use the phrase ‘BFF’. Someone may proclaim “She’s my BFF!” meaning her favorite friend, her closest best friend forever.

What if there was another way to describe a best friend?

What if we were each our very own BFF?

What if we could live a purposeful, whole-hearted, brave, fearless and free life?

Brave, to have bold courage in spite of anything you may face. Fearless, to have faith you will always be ok, and no matter what comes up it is all happening for the greater good. Free, to live a life authentically you, without the labels and expectations from others.

raising Ali

Book 1  Available Now

In this first book Nicole shares with you her journey as a mother living with her daughter’s diagnosis of cystic fibrosis. A diagnosis that helped her get off the floor of pain, and find her own journey of living brave, fearless and free.

*A portion of the proceeds go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

book 2

Available Soon

Book 2 in the series takes you on a personal journey of brave faith. A journey of accepting the hard truth and sharing it anyway, leading to freedom. This book will benefit the suicide awareness foundation.

book 3

Still in BFF Production

This story is still being written as in these are the current events of my life.  I will share them soon and be taking note as this story takes shape.

Stay tuned.