The reality of photo shoots. I’ve done so many in the recent years and they are WORK, but they look fun, happy, easy and effortless. Recently I was reviewing (cringing at) my final proofs (why can we take 100 and 10 look good? #ugh), and this shot made me laugh with reality.

Pictures almost always look perfect as the finished product.

But we often don’t see the behind the scenes.

Just like life. And social media. We see the highlight reel. The best of the best, and rarely the chaos behind the scenes. And many times we compare ourselves to someone’s highlight reel.


THIS picture captures that perfectly.

We were downtown Denver and you can see the remaining confetti in my hair from throwing it above. (In. The. Poof…y. Skirt. that was so itchy!) and they had me quick change into the gold (itchier!) leggings which you can clearly see the crotch hangs way low (which I had to demonstrate ha!) and my behind hangs out just a little.

BUT you never see that.

You see the final, touched up, front view perfect picture.

I kind of like this one even better.

It was funny.  I almost fell.  My jeans are on the bench because I had to put those on next (As. People. Walked. By).

So, THIS is real life.

Behind the scenes. Poofy skirts, gold sparkle itchy leggings, and left-over confetti.

Go easy on yourself when you see the highlight reel. There is always behind the scenes we don’t see, and sometimes those are the real story.